Saturday, October 20, 2007

Back with a Bang

OK, maybe not. But it's something. And something is more than nothing. Or so I learned in a Stats class in grad school.

I don't agree with many of the angles in this Roger Cohen piece (especially the gloss-over on neocons as uniformly imperialist), but I do agree with the central thrust about how 'neocon' has become shorthand for any 'hawkish' position or any 'conservative' position or, frankly, any position on any subject that someone doesn't like.

Though I'm not a neocon, it's a pet peeve of mine because I don't like imprecision when it comes to language.


LostTxn said...

So, what IS a neocon? I suspect like all catch phrases - liberal, right wing, etc - it was certain to become imprecise the moment it was repeated by someone other than the one who coined it. I say, blame it on the media for latching onto it and overmisusing it. To coin a phrase.

Simian Logician said...

True. Good question, though. Perhaps worthy of a post.

We'll see how things go on that front LOL I owe Paul a deliverable outside of MyDogs, so it'd be slotted in the queue behind that!

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