Wednesday, February 03, 2010

No end to the Stupidity

There is no end to the stupidity in Sacramento:

A free parking spot is one of life's little perks, and at one free lot, customers told us at a time when the price of everything seems to be going up, free parking is something they can still hang onto.

But in California, environmentalists say all that free parking comes at too high a cost- in greenhouse gas emissions. Environmentalists say if people drove less, there would be an environmental benefit.

With the support of green groups, the state senate passed a plan offering cities and counties financial incentives to slash the number of free parking spaces on the street and in government-owned lots, and to reduce the number of free spaces businesses are required to provide.

Sponsors suggest that will encourage people to walk, take the bus or even ride a bike. Critics say it's just another example of Sacramento Democrats' far left agenda.

My first reaction to hearing this last night, minus the epithet of course, was to wonder what else won't they try and regulate, control or otherwise attempt? This is agenda driven stupidity at it's extreme.

To see semi-local reaction, here is the news report from KEYT out of Santa Barbara from last evening.

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