Tuesday, February 01, 2005

My Dogs are Smarter (Or how I settled on the name of my blog)

My wife and I own two dogs, a Yellow Lab named Lacy and a Rottweiler mix, Cassie (Yes, I know...it really should be Cagney and Lacy, but alas; Cassie was a shelter animal who came to us already named). As anyone with pets can testify, each day is an adventure in dumb animal behavior and ours are no different.

One night in early 2004 Lacy decided it would be fun to rummage through the laundry room when we inadvertantly left the door open. Out into the rest of the house she ran with a pair of socks hanging out her mouth. Thus ensued another round of "Chase me!," a game we play near nightly after one of the dogs has grabbed something they shouldn't and refuses to drop it into our hands on command.

My wife and I chased her through the living room, back into the kitchen, into the hallway and back around into the living room again several times. At one point I was able to recover one of the socks after falling from her mouth. One more circle through the downstairs and I was trying to coax her into submission. As I stared her down from across the room, suddenly I noticed the sock ever-so-slowly disappearing into her mouth. Another lap through the house and desperate cry to my wife later, I had her cornered and pried her mouth open to discover---NOTHING!

She swallowed the sock. No chewing, just sucked it up, in and down the gullet it goes. To make a long story short, after several conversations with the local 24-hour emergency vetrinary clinic we 'coaxed' it back up with a small dose of Peroxide.

Pretty dumb, eh?

Well, sad to say but I've seen some real live, thinking, breathing human beings exhibit even more stunning stupidity.

I'll talk about that, I'll talk about sports, movies, books, my dogs, my wife...pretty much whatever strikes my fancy!

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