Friday, October 02, 2009

Believing your own Press

A snippet from what the LA Times blogged about the First Lady's speech to the IOC on behalf of her hometown:

I would really like these games to come to Chicago. My beautiful daughters would like the Games to come to Chicago. My wonderful husband, who has brought hope and change to the world, would like the Games to come to Chicago. But more important than all of that, bringing the Games to Chicago would be a wonderful way to honor my father, now deceased, who had Multiple Scelrosis.

I understand of course that she loves her husband and as any good wife would, offers tangible and verbal support for her hubby. But really?

I find the whole thing laughable on the day that unemployment goes up again to a 26 year high...I suppose losing 3 million jobs since the passage of the un-stimulus does qualify as change. When does the hope kick in?

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