Thursday, October 15, 2009

Good Management is Hard...

Bad Management is Everywhere. That's something I tend to save for the world of business but it's also applicable to the world of politcs as Jim Gerahty notes:

Democratic California lieutenant governor John Garamendi is running for Congress, in that special election in the district near San Francisco, and the expectation is that despite his flaws as a candidate, the fact that it's a heavily Democratic district should save him.

But . . . maybe not. Besides the fact that he looks silly on the stump, insisting questioners not use "the T-word" — taxes — his campaign is looking pretty amateurish.

For starters, Garamendi's campaign sent out a mailer, accusing Republican rival David Harmer of supporting "off shoring jobs" and citing a story from Utah's Deseret News from April 23, 2004.

Except that story wasn't about the David Harmer running for Congress; it was about Utah's executive director of the State Department of Community and Economic Development David Harmer.

Same name, different guy. What's more, congressional candidate David Harmer wasn't even living in Utah at the time.

Who's in charge here?

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