Thursday, July 13, 2006


What is this?

Russell Shaw writes one of most astoundingly incoherent blog posts I've ever seen. The only thing more ghastly than said ramblings is the underlying assumptions about Christians:

Call 'em End-Timers, Rapturists, Armeggedonists.

I am talking about the type of Fundamentalist that loves it when violence is perpetrated on Israeli citizens or soldiers, and who can't wait for Israel to strike back 100 times as hard.
I am talking about the type of Fundamentalist who is secretly happy about the loss of blood these escalations bring, because they hold the promise of further revenge and escalations on both sides.

Escalations that maybe one day will result in Iran's secret stash of nukes- if they have 'em - appearing in the air over Tel Aviv.

If not that, then Arab armies crossing the Negev and coming into Jerusalem.

And then Israel nuking some camels in the Arabian desert to send a message.

And then the U.S. occupying the region to ensure the flow of oil. And terrorists running loose in New York and Washington, striking back at the "Great Satan" with some real WMD this time.
And then more nukes flying about the planet. Maybe even one over Mecca!

And then, and then...maybe you-know-who will get into activist mode, causing the already-saved true believers to vanish from their SUVs in the exurbs and their desks at small-town insurance companies and gas stations, and behind the counter at the luncheonette, and woo-hoo, it is up to the sky!

And for those who are not already saved- the Hindus, the Muslims, the Buddhists, the Godless, the Confucians, the Communists, the Sikhs, the Democrats, the non-rapture believing Christians, the bead-making Taoist in Taos- it is to the fire with you for all eternity!

Oh, as to the tribe who some of you Rapturist end-timers have struggled with trying to decide whether you hate: because hey, most of them are liberals, or Communists, or money hungry, and run the international banking system and the media and Hollywood and they did you-know-what to you-know-who two Millennia ago, or:

Love because they've helped enable the global suicide some of you Rapturists have wished for?

Toss 'em on the fire, too, you say.

Was he drunk when he wrote this?

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