Wednesday, November 15, 2006

First one to 'Stupid' loses!

Dean Barnett is calling it a dumb-off. While Nancy Pelosi is determined to appoint two of the most ethically-challenged Democrats going to key committee chairmanships, the Republicans have taken a step backward with the election of Trent Lott to Senate Minority Whip.

The Readers' Digest Condensed Version of why this is a stupid idea goes as follows:

The Republican brand is damaged. They've been tossed out of power for poor behavior across a number of fronts, to the point that Dems are currently trusted more on historically Republican/Conservative issues.

To solve the problem Republicans in the Senate have reached back in time to old management, asking former Majority Leader Trent Lott to help right the ship. Only problem is Lott is part of the same management team that got Republicans where they are now.

His ham-handed handling of the Strom Thurmond Birthday comments not withstanding, Lott's view on pork and grassroots efforts to limit earmarks helped perpetuate behavior for which the Republican majority was soundly beaten last week. Why would you invite that man back to a position of importance at a critical time for the Party?

The election of McConnell as Minority Leader is a wise choice I believe. And he, more than Lott, will be the face of the party in the Senate but will he successfully offset the potential harm done by a seemingly unrepentant Lott at the Number 2 spot?

Only time will tell.

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