Monday, November 13, 2006

Hometown boy

The Arizona Republic endorses John Shadegg for Minority Whip:

Boehner and Blunt are fine people. But if the minority Republicans are to make a case that they matter politically, they will have to do it by addressing first principles, and that includes returning to a fiscal conservatism they have not demonstrated in the majority.

Rep. Mike Pence of Indiana has declared his intent to run for House minority leader, following current House Speaker Dennis Hastert's announcement that he will step out of a leadership role. Pence and Shadegg, as the leaders of their party in the House, could make a strong statement that, yes, a message did in fact get through to the GOP Congress. Emulating Democrats is not going to impress enough voters to make the Republicans a majority again.

The GOP may be in the congressional wilderness for a long time. It will be a far longer trek if they fail to take cues from the guy with the fiscal compass, John Shadegg.

They're a bit behind the curve, but welcome none the less!

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