Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My Dogs are Smarter (Or, Prove your love with Cheese)

Small bite-size pieces of cheese are often suggested as training treats for puppies and even as rewards for adult dogs. While training Lacy we went with something less up-scale than the finest block of Tillamook cheddar that money could buy.

The theory was that actual "dog treats" were a healthier choice and would promote fewer bad habits (shameless begging highest on the list). Sadly, that hasn't been the case.

It was my wife who first introduced the puppies to the joys of cheese. Over time we've reached the point now that any trip to the kitchen produces the look: that mix of expectation and rapturous joy. The one that wonders if now is the moment; the one that says "Mommy's getting cheese!"

Earlier tonight as occasionally happens I was volunteered for KP duty as Assistant to the Cook. Tonight's assignment: grate the cheese. Which of course becomes near-impossible once the dogs figure out what's on the menu.

I like to spoil the puppies...to a point. But every so often I wonder how we got to this place where it seems impossible to show them love in any way other than with a 1-pound block of Cheddar.

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