Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bush as Puppeteer (Or, A great one-liner!)

The mastermind of last fall's Democratic take-over of Congress, Illinois Representative Rahm Ehmanuel will give a speech today at the Brookings Institution. According to this report in the Washington Post, the focus will be on the dark side of the Bush Administration.

When asked about the speech, Republican National Committee spokesman Tracey Schmitt answered with a question of his own:

"Talk about conspiracies. Is he arriving for his speech in a black helicopter?

After Florida 2000 and especially after the Iraq "lies" of 2002-2003, the story was all about Bush as evil-genius. As Jonathan Weisman points out, over the last two years the story has been all about the Administration's incompetence.

So, which is it? The Democrats don't seem to be too sure at this point, as if this is any indicator, they're shifting back to conspiracy models of Bush the malevolent Puppeteer.

The Bush Administration: the biggest collection of incompetent super-geniuses ever!


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