Tuesday, April 03, 2007

"I want a new rep"

Advertising is, at it's heart, a business about relationships. Everything we do helps or hurts our working relationships. When our working relationships are good, problems are few but when problems are many, it's entirely too likely that the relationship isn't as good as it ought to be.

Sometimes those relationships end. An account leaves or, at the extreme, you cut them off. Or, occasionally, an advertiser requests new blood. That happened to me this morning.

I only caught two things as the conversation was ongoing; 1. my name and 2. "I want a new rep." With my dander already up, I inquired of my manager exactly what was going on.

When I learned the specifics of which account it was I offered gladly to turn it over. In my mind I already had the file put together and ready for handing over to the next unsuspecting slob.

Then I got angry; these people have been nothing but difficult for the entire time I've called on them. They routinely find ways to slow-pay, under-pay and not pay at all. They want a new rep?! They can have a new rep.

They want a new rep? Well, I want a new advertiser. One that doesn't send us the wrong copy then blame us for running the wrong ad.

I want a new advertiser. One that doesn't demand we write off more than half the money we've billed in the last 12 months.

They want a new rep!? I want a new advertiser. One that pays their bills...on time. Or even at all.

They want a new rep...? Don't get me started.

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