Monday, April 30, 2007

You know you're incompetent when...

You're getting pilloried from both sides. George Tenet's memoir and the obligatory "60 Minutes" interview are the target of much criticism, not just from the hard-core Bushies as it were. He's also gotten clobbered today from some hard-core anti-Bushies as well.

First things first though. Bill Kristol fires an opening salvo about a purported exchange between Tenet and widely-hated neocon Richard Perle on September 12th 2001. Tenet's biggest problem here is the simple fact that Perle was out of the country on that date. Oops.

NRO is full of fine prose today devoted to Tenet's tome. The Editors speak here, Andy McCarthy blasts away here and Victor Davis Hanson's thoughts from Saturday are here.

The best part of this whole attempt at CYA at the CIA is hearing what former CIA types think of the former Director and Medal of Freedom winner. They published their thoughts here.

Strange bedfellows Victor Davis Hanson, Ray McGovern and Larry Johnson are. The fact that such disparate minds can find common ground on the subject of George Tenet's tenure speaks volumes about just what kind of job Tenet did at CIA.


LostTxn said...

I find it interesting that while I do agree with your analysis, we tend to look at GT in this manner yet when someone we like angers political opposites we generally comment that they must be doing something RIGHT. I watched GT's interview with Bill O'Reilly and found him to be seemingly straightforward, yet probably still incompetent. I would argue that most of our problems as a nation are systemic in nature and not necessarily owing to individual personnel. Fix the system by making rules and enforcing them at the expense of careers and I suspect we would see a behavior change in the bureaucracy. The future Berger's and whoever leaked the Homeland Security/Banking program (I forget the name of it) will think twice before committing such acts if they are convinced they will be investigated, caught and punished severely.

Paul Hogue said...

"Systemic" doesn't begin to cover it.

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