Saturday, April 21, 2007

Renaissance man

Another email from the Fantasy sports email list-cum-political forum--

The first: Olberman is moving to the NBC pregame show. I wonder if he’ll continue in news?

The reply: Yeah, he's going to do both. He is amazingly intelligent, articulate, and witty. A kind of "renaissance" man.

And finally the reply to the reply: I don't agree all the time either, but he is right on target most of the time and hardly over his head. His insights are interesting and thought provoking. Not the mindless repeating of so-called conventional wisdom that passes for critical thinking in so much of the media.


1 comment:

LostTxn said...

I followed the link you posted in this article and I am very upset that the good name of Thomas Paine has been slandered by these "progressives". They aren't progressive. They want things to revert to the 60's and 70's. Paine may have been progressive for his time, but that meant standing AGAINST oppressive government while these folks appear to be IN FAVOR of big government. For gosh sakes, my son's middle name is Thomas in honor Paine and Jefferson (and yes, I have a big problem with Clinton having that as a middle name). I find the use of Tom Paine's name and the misuse of Common Sense by these boobs to be unfortunate and insulting.

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