Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I thought he was smarter than this

Markos writes at the Daily Kos today:

It's actually quite amazing how poorly Rove is aging as his strategies and insights are not just a source of the GOP's current woes, but make little sense moving forward. Take for example his fantasy that eBay business people are natural GOP allies --

As a small business person myself, my biggest worries are 1) health care for my family (my rates nearly doubled this year, and they cover less and less), and 2) the influence of Big Business on my ability to operate effectively. In my case, it's the caustic influence of the big Telcos and their efforts to destroy Net Neutrality.

Health care is a universal concern for small business owners. And which small business retailer or manufacturer isn't worried about Wal-Mart destroying their livelihood?

It's that last line that gets me. Is it some sort of moral imperative for liberal Democrats that requires a good trashing of Walmart whenever possible? His other points aren't unreasonable nor unreasonably stated. In some instances, he's correct in terms of the market responses to Democratic and Republican policies.

But that case about Walmart isn't borne out. Anecdotal though it is, I can tell you there are plenty of small retailers who don't worry about that. Like us, for example.

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