Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Lectured by Congressional Ignorance

Senator Gordon Smith, ostensibly Republican from Oregon, discusses support for the war on Today this morning. Sounding more like Harry Reid, Smith spouted the Majority Leader's ridiculous line about "political solutions."

Pay particularly close attention to his comments about General Petraeus' September report to Congress:

"...they believe that General Petraeus spoke the truth when he came to Congress and that is that he would speak to us straight in September and he would tell us whether the Surge was working. He also spoke the truth when he said that there is not a military solution in Iraq...there is only a political solution and that is the duty of the Iraqi government.

And as we speak, as our kids are still fighting and dying, their preparing to go on vacation without even passing an oil revenue sharing law."


As the Democrats themselves squawked for nearly two years, nothing can improve in Iraq without increased security. Congress' precious 'political' solution will only come as a result of Petraeus' strategy, yet they continue wilfully ignore that point.

And perhaps Smith could have enlightened us--assuming David Gregory could have thought to ask the question--what exactly it is Congress has been doing for the last 3 weeks since passing the dead-end Iraq supplemental package? And he has the nerve to attack the Iraqi parliament when he and his comrades have hung US troops--who indeed are "fighting and dying"--without necessary funding.

I for one won't be lectured by such men as this.

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