Sunday, May 06, 2007

While we're on the subject...

Al-Qaeda isn't all it's cracked up to be it seems. At least in this one man's opinion:

What would you call a campaign that after 4 years had achieved only 1% of its goal — despite throwing everything it has into that effort?

Incompetent? A failure? Ridiculous.

I’d call it al-Qaeda.

ABC News has a new tape from Ayman al-Zawahiri: “Al Qaeda No. 2 Wants 200,000-300,000 U.S. Dead in Iraq

Really? 300,000 U.S. dead.

After 4 years, the casualty list shows 3,300 American dead.

At this rate, al-Qaeda will meet its goal of 200,000 in about 2353. I’ll be 400 years old then.
Zawahari said he opposes the timetable for a U.S. surrender: ”This bill will deprive us of the opportunity to destroy the American forces which we have caught in a historic trap.”

By all means, let us not disappoint this cold-blooded killer.

Iraq is now the center of the war on terrorism. Bush said it. Zawahari said it. His words — bluster, really — tell any logical person why we must stay.

You can lead the horse to water but you can't always make it drink...

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