Thursday, May 24, 2007

Wedded to Failure

The Left, that is. It reminds me of the darkest days of ESPN. Blech...

Glenn Greenwald's post criticizing Joe Klein's Time piece oozes condescending crap all over your monitor so be careful as you read.

After taking a merciless rain of crap from Greenwald's legion, Klein fires back with a simple, obvious and telling question:

Finally, I find it amusing that some doubt the military source who told me the good news in Anbar province but don't question the sources who told me about the growing pessimism about the Shi'ites ever putting together a viable government...Why does good news about Iraq, however modest--and this was truly a modest, if intriguing, development--trouble you? Isn't it about time that the suffering Sunnis of Anbar Province had a little good news? (And the fragility of the good news is emphasized by a terrible bombing in Falluja today.)

In fact, my good news about progress against Al Qaeda was bad news for the White House: it came the same day that Bush was speaking at the Coast Guard Academy warning about the dire threat from Al Qaeda in Iraq in his usual hyperbolic way.

They're too heavily invested--emotionally and politically--in defeat. They've known all along what a disaster this all would be and of course anything small or large that flows against that narrative is threatening.

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