Friday, May 06, 2005

Jonah and his nuggets of insight

Jonah strikes again. This time in discussion of the eminent George Will's column from earlier in the week:

But I think Will also misses the mark in a couple spots. His evidence that religion is thriving in America -- Mel Gibson's "Passion of the Christ," the Left Behind books, etc -- potent as it is, is not evidence that anti-Christian sentiment is declining. Indeed, it seems more logical to me that anti-Christian sentiment is rising precisely because Christians are asserting themselves more and that terrifies some people and annoys others.

Jonah's sometimes-NRO colleague Jed Babbin was filling in for Laura Ingraham this morning. I caught part of his conversation with's editor James Taranto as they discussed Taranto's piece on the oft-condemned 'religious right.' James sums the whole critical argument among the left as cynics talking to paranoids. The cynics don't really care and just join in because they think they can gain something, while the paranoids are afraid.

Meanwhile, both forget that in a society like ours there is no good reason to disqualify religious citizens from involvement in the political process. Just as there is no good reason to disqualify the proponents of the left's values.

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