Thursday, March 08, 2007

Almost the last Plame Post: Memes are like Cockroaches

You can't kill them. That's the conclusion I'm reaching.

The Bush Administration is destined forever to be associated with a political smear campaign that never was anything like what has hardened into Gospel fact. Democratic strategist Jano Cabrera's explanation is plenty succinct on this point:

But Cabrera said if Bush does pardon Libby, “he may not have the last laugh. Pardons, often the last acts of outgoing Presidents, sometimes — fairly or unfairly — end up epitomizing the administrations themselves. Bush pardoning Libby would just serve as a living reminder that in his rush to war, his administration smeared those who would raise questions and placed more of an emphasis on PR than on actually securing the country.”

And no one in the Media is aware enough to counter and the Administration that knows they've gotten the short-end, won't.

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