Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A purely Partisan Congress?

Now that the Congress is in Democratic hands, life is better and things run more smoothly, right? Well, not in the House.

Susan Ferrechio writes in CQ (hat tip to The Corner):

Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer said Tuesday that during the upcoming two-week recess he will craft changes in the pay-as-you-go spending rules adopted in January (H Res 6) so that the GOP can no longer blindside the majority with broad and politically loaded motions to redraft legislation.

"We don't think that's appropriate," Hoyer said. "We don't think that serves
the legislative process, and we're going to address that."Like the Republican majority that ran the House before last fall's elections, House Democrats have been allowing the minority a last chance to amend or kill a bill during floor debate by offering a motion to recommit,or send the measure back to a committee with orders to make specified changes.

While such motions have traditionally been of limited use to the minority,Republicans have been able use the tactic successfully this year, thanks in part to the House's new pay-as-you-go rules for spending or tax cuts.

Democrats have had to include language in legislation that would provide away to pay for the measures. That has expanded the range of redrafting motions considered germane, or relevant to the legislation being debated.

Republicans have been offering motions to add language that is politically difficult for some Democrats to oppose.

And in it I see floating about as sub-text, every criticism the Democratic minority threw at the majority b/t 1994 and 2006. It's not so easy running things when the minority decides it wants to defeat something, is it Steny?

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