Monday, March 26, 2007

"He didn't!"

Oh, but he did.

Uncle Sy takes another step down the seemingly bottomless ladder of ridiculous behavior. Michael Rubin wonders how much Seymour actually pays attention:

Some of the assumptions, theories, and observations voiced by Seymour Hersh in this interview ("Iran is probably the most democratic country") with Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting are astouding[sic]. He appears not to have read, or to have fully discounted, the IAEA inspection reports.

Me? I just wonder where he gets off peddling this garbage...

1 comment:

Simian Logician said...

Hold on a minute. Read the interview closely. #1 I question whether it is even authentic or properly translated:

So he has the legal authority, what congress can do is cut off funds but right now there is one of the issues as in the story, just wrote for the New Yorker, there is billions of dollars that nobody knows where it is gone. These dollars are missing in Iraq as many as 9 billion dollars that they have not accounted for. That is a lot of money to run a war.

$9B is about 3 days worth of warfighting in Iraq, so it's not much at all. Even Hersh isn't this stupid. The way this is reported is a terrible translation at best. I would reserve judgement on the specifics until Hersh is on the record confirming these statements.

#2 He doesn't say Iran is the most democratic country. He argues that it is the most democratic in the region. I don't agree with this, but a superficial analysis could make such a case.

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