Friday, May 26, 2006

Inaugural ideologue

I'm a Bad Ideologue. At least according to this guy.

Now, not being sure of what exactly constitutes a "Good Ideologue," I'm a bit unclear as to exactly what was the matter with this post that Biff so objected to:

Ideologue shows the degree of respect he has for his own party, as well as the opposition, with this post.

Doesn't sound like much of an objection does it? I didn't think so at first 'tile I poked around the bloc a bit more and ran into this: Cataloging errors of fact and logic.

Like I said, not really sure what he objected to. Was I out of line in saying this about Senators first and Kennedy and about Speaker Hastert: Instead of informed action, we get this. I'd have no less difficulty believing it came from the office of the esteemed Senator from Massachusetts. Yet--incredulously,it comes from a completely different source; one you expect to be smarter on such topics. Or at least hope is smarter on such topics....

With leadership this stupid, maybe we deserve to lose.

Fact of the matter is that Hastert and Frist were pandering, acting just as willfully ignorant of economics as I expect the Schumer's and Durbin's of the world to act when it comes to understanding and acting upon the basic economic principles involved.

A spade is a spade. It was foolish for Hastert and Frist to jump on the price-gouging bandwagon. I thought so then and I don't think any less so now regardless of the fact that there seems no backlash for it.

If anybody out there can clue me in on how this makes me a "Bad Ideologue," I'd be grateful. Though I do take a certain sense of pride in knowing that I was the first Bad Ideologue!

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