Sunday, May 21, 2006

Prima Donna Mamas

Paul's been posting lately about Public Enemy #1, Roider Barry Bonds. And yes, he sucks.

But let's talk about another storyline that I'm getting pretty sick of, and that's the one relating to Roger Clemens. He's another prima donna.

The fireballing hurler who pitched for Houston last year competed in the World Baseball Classic for Team USA this spring, but deferred on whether he would return for another season of with the Astros or return to baseball altogether. Clemens has suspended his "decision" about whether he will play this season for an entire offseason and approximately one-third of this season. Every few days a new report trickles out saying "Clemens has narrowed his list to four teams," "Clemens meets with Tom Hicks," "Clemens has stepped up his workout program." "Clemens will request $15M"

Give me a break.

This "decision" was made a long time ago. Yes, Clemens will pitch this year. But by all accounts, Clemens only wants to pitch the second half of the year for a contender so he can be in post-season and he wants the team to allow him to stay at home with his family and fly in on days he will pitch (every 5th day). And yes, he wants $15M for a half season.

I don't begrudge the guys his demands. After all, he's one of the all-time greats. More power to him on asking for and negotiating what the market will bear. But spare me the "will he or won't he?" business. Clemens is playing the PR game because he knows Joe Sixpack won't exactly swoon over skipping spring training, pitching half a season, not being in the dugout for every game and making $15M.

Like Bonds, Clemens is showing that the "Steroid Era" is really the "ME" generation.

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