Wednesday, June 28, 2006

All that good Pub

The other day, Today ran a Norah O'Donnell piece discussing the 'politic-ing' of the NY Times' recent revelations by the President and other members of the Administration. Afterward, fill-in David Gregory interviewed Chris Matthews about the program.

After pointing out the secretive nature of the Administration with the riveting example of Dick Cheney's Energy task-force (read: Giant Non-sequitur), he goes on to make the following observation: "The President's numbers have come down otherwords, there's been a trendline...has been about a 45-degree drop in support since 9/11...."

True enough. It doesn't take a rocket-scientist though to analyze at least one component in this phenomenon.

For the better part of three years the Big Media to a certain extent--and progressive media to the greater--have told us repeatedly that George Bush lied to go to war. They've told us that fault for 9/11 rests solely with him. They've featured angry mothers of war dead, offering them a voice far more worthy than their motives deserve. They've framed classified programs aimed at protecting the country as malicious efforts to stifle constitutional freedoms.

With such good pub, Big Media could talk God's approval ratings down.

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