Wednesday, June 14, 2006

One Sane Democrat

Marshall Wittman was telling folks last week to temper their enthusiasm about the all-but-ordained Democratic take-over of Congress scheduled for this November:

As a veteran of the '94 revolution, the Moose is recalibrating his view on whether the Democrats will replicate that political tsunami - and not on the basis of the California 50 special. What fuels the Moose's increasing skepticism is that the Democrats are offering no governing vision. And while Democrats believe that there is no comparison between Republican and Democratic corruption scandals, that distinction may not be as clear to the general electorate.

Moreover, despite the unpopularity of the war, Republicans will relentlessly portray Democrats as the party of defeat and retreat. And as was demonstrated in San Diego, the GOP has not lost its touch in exploiting hot button issues.

Curb you enthusiasm.

Yes, you really do need to stand for something.

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