Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Ted's Rocket

Ted's Delta IV took off from Vandenberg last night. Like the enthusiasts you see here, we had a bird's eye view last night while visiting with friends over in the Country Club.

Never seen anything burn so bright for so long: The Boeing rocket, approximately 20 stories tall, blasted into twilight sky as dozens of onlookers watched from vantage points on and around Vandenberg Air Force Base.

The flight was clearly visible at Gaviota and other points on the Central Coast.The dusky skies allowed spectators to see the rocket's pair of powerful solid rocket motors fall away as Delta climbed.

“What a show, huh?” said John K. Mitchell, spokesman for engine maker Pratt and Whitney. “Wow. The word I have to give you is wow. We're delighted. That was pretty spectacular stuff.”

No word from Ted though on his take.

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