Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Zero and counting

Instapundit, both here and here, comments on yesterday's election results along with Don Surber here, I imagine would be enough to drive any rabid young progressive crazy. From Surber's none-too polite post:

Democrats are claiming a “moral victory” on the left coast where Republicans kept Duke Cunningham’s seat. My DD is claiming a moral victory, which folks, is a loser’s spin:

"No matter what the media says, no Democrat should be mistaken about this result. First, this is a huge, seismic shift in our favor that bodes extremely well for November. If we receive an 18% shift nationwide, we will win the House easily. If Republican candidates are pulling only 20% of the independent vote, the Indycrat realignment is still on."Yes, a seismic shift. Sure. Democrats could not win even after the Republican congressman was hauled away to the federal pen for 8+ years. Then there is this gem:

"We had some real victories tonight, and we still have time to rectify our mistakes. Fortunately, come November, even Busby will have another chance. I just hope that as a party we realize that there are clearly better strategic paths for us to take than the ones we are currently following. Tonight, as David Sirota writes, Jon Tester showed us just such a path."Oh, what is that path? Did a Democrat beat a Republican elsewhere? No, a Democrat beat a Democrat!

From that My DD post:

"Tonight, in a major upset, populist Democratic State Senate President Jon Tester crushed his primary opponents, becoming the Democratic nominee against vulnerable incumbent Sen. Conrad Burns (R-MT). Tester, a farmer from Big Sandy, ran against the Washington Establishment, ignoring those who said he couldn't beat State Auditor John Morrison (D) - the candidate that Democratic Party powerbrokers in Washington tried to anoint."

Instapundit says Kossers are 0-fer-20 in these races. That is a lot of moral victories.

Not only do they cheer about trailing during the race by 10 points, but when they lose they want to throw a party.

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