Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Roy in AG is not short of any opinions on terrorism, Iraq or Zarqawi. Yesterday in the featured Letter to the Editor, Roy made it plain that--far as he's concerned--Zarqawi's death won't change anything:

The death of Al-Zarqawi, the al-Qaeda terrorist, means less to the Iraqi mess we are in than the Dodgers winning a game now means to who wins the World Series.

This hoopla over his death is, as Shakespeare said,--full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. What happens to a few terrorists will not make a gnat's difference. What makes the difference is U.S. military imperialism, which has created thousands of terrorists like Zarqawi, and will keep creating more and more and more. Only our withdrawal from Iraq stop it.

The hawks didn't and still don't like it that we withdrew from Vietnam and they will fight us getting out of Iraq. But like the bullies they are, they only know how to get us into war, not how to win it. And never will.

Thinking in black and white in a multicolor world leads only to misery.

This is what happens when someone gets all their information from Big Media. I'll bet dollars to donuts that Roy has never read a milblog. I'd wager that his only source of information on Abu Ghraib came from The New Yorker.

He was right on one thing. Vietnam. He's right that many don't like the way Vietnam ended. Not because we enjoyed seeing innocent Vietnamese and Cambodians suffer. Rather, because leaving South Vietnam to fend for itself when it was not able, ready nor willing to carry the full load meant that nearly 15 years of American sacrifices of time, effort, money and lives were wasted. Wasted because we failed in the objective.

He's also right that many of us have fought to date and will fight still the effort at imposing the Vietnam solution on the people of Iraq. This is a battle that can be won but only if we choose to see it through.

The Iraq-is-Vietnam crowd is wrong on this, in my estimation. While 2,500 brave men and women have died in this conflict, many more are coming home with stories of success and accomplishment in Iraq. We're on the verge of doing a very big thing.

Roy's defeatism and bitterness isn't helping anything.

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