Saturday, June 10, 2006

Making your bed

Barry Bonds has made his bed, but seems unwilling to lie down in it.

Only Bay Area fans tolerate him now, the commentariot that fawned over him 5 years ago has, in many regards, turned it's back on him. Now, as detailed by Jason Grimsley's attorney, the Feds are more than curious about Bonds' alleged steroid use and abuse.

Today, Bonds' attorney Michael Rains let it be known that Bonds is seeking protection from the Feds in return for any testimony on the subject of steroids:

Barry Bonds is willing to cooperate with Major League Baseball's investigation of performance-enhancing drugs in the game provided the information isn't used against him by federal prosecutors, Bonds' attorney told the New York Daily News.

The New York Post reported Friday that Bonds' attorney, Michael Rains, received a letter last month from former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell, hired by commissioner Bud Selig in March to investigate steroids in baseball, saying that he wants to interview the San Francisco Giants left fielder as part of baseball's investigation.

"I'd like Barry to cooperate with Sen. Mitchell," Rains was quoted as saying to the Daily News. "He'd like to cooperate. We believe Sen. Mitchell's investigation will be fair, thorough and impartial.

"But here's the problem: Anything that happens there can become fodder for the federal government and fodder for another book that will make reporters rich."

A federal grand jury in San Francisco is investigating whether Bonds lied under oath about using the performance-enhancing drug known as "the clear" during his grand jury testimony that led to the indictment of four people connected to BALCO.

Bonds could also face charges of tax evasion.

No, made the bed and you must lie in it. DeFord is right, you are a stain on the game. The Game--in retaining any credibility on the issue--must deal with you and frankly, you must be accountable: to MLB, to your fans and to yourself for what you did in the name of pride.

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