Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Chimpy Bush McHitler says what!?

Matt Lauer is a weenie. In his interview this morning with Counselor to the President, Dan Bartlett, he expressed concern over the President's characterization of Democrat's position on "redeployment" of US troops out of Iraq:

"'The White Flag of Surrender'...that's a very dramatic and harsh expression to use against the Democrats. Have you heard any Democrat calling for the White Flag of surrender?"

Chimpy Bush McHitler says what!?

Matt, for three years Democrats in varying tones of harsh and dramatic rhetoric have accused the President of lying outright in starting a war for oil. Groups serving the Democratic base--far, far to the left--such as have made even wilder 'claims' and in fact, have endorsed grassroots political ads equating the President of the United States with Adolf Hitler.

And you're just now concerned about harsh and heated political rhetoric?!


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