Thursday, August 18, 2005

Brief Media Scrum Interlude on Able Danger

Although your favorite primate will continue to bang the drum on the real lessons of Able Danger, it is also important to get the history surrounding 9/11 right. And while I am not much for blaming Clinton or Bush or Tenet or anyone else because I subscribe to the belief that the failures of 9/11 belong to each and every one of us, it should be noted that the Able Danger revelations do give us reason to question our assumptions about the record of events surrounding 9/11. In addition to The Wall, Jamie Gorelick's role on the 9/11 Commission and failure to testify, the testimonies of Richard Clarke and Phillip Zellikow, as well as the Sandy Berger snafu, Able Danger may also give us reason to re-open the Mohammad Atta meeting in Prague case files. The implications of possibly placing Atta in Prague for a meeting with an Iraqi intelligence official (which the Czechs still maintain happened and which the MSM and 9/11 Commission completely discount) would be far-reaching.

Captain's Quarter's, which has been all over the Able Danger story, filed a missive on the Atta angle which includes this analysis

If Able Danger supports Czech intelligence, which at the moment remains just speculation, it will prove tremendously explosive. The ramifications will affect not just the careers of the Commissioners and their staff, but a deliberate attempt to suppress Able Danger might well result in criminal prosecution. It will also force a recalculation of the war in Iraq and its place in the war on terror. The involvement of Jamie Gorelick on the Commission will once again cause people to ask why such a conflict of interest was allowed to occur -- only this time, Congress won't be able to avoid the answers. Congress needs to hold public hearings to get to the bottom of these questions. The deliberate deceptions of the 9/11 Commission this week has set off alarms about their motives and preconceptions which may have seriously perverted our knowledge of 9/11 and the forces which stood behind the attacks -- by far the most complicated and well-coordinated al-Qaeda operation, before or since.

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