Friday, August 12, 2005

Dis-Abled and Dangerous

The latest on the data-mining scandal from the New York Times: The 9/11 Commission was twice briefed on Able Danger and not a peep appeared in the final report.

UPDATE: Paul around today and found this bit of commentary from Betsy Newmark:

What is so lame is the Commission's excuse that they didn't include this information in their report because it wasn't in accord with the timeline they had created about Atta's whereabouts before the attack.

'Al Felzenberg, spokesman for the commission's follow-up project called the 9/11 Public Discourse Project, had said earlier this week that the panel was unaware of intelligence specifically naming Atta. But he said subsequent information provided Wednesday confirmed that the commission had been aware of the intelligence.The information did not make it into the final report because it was not consistent with what the commission knew about Atta's whereabouts before the attacks, Felzenberg said.'

So, when new data presented itself, rather than adjusting their hypotheses they just left out the new data. Makes you wonder what else they tossed out because it didn't fit with their preconceived notions.

And how long will this be a big story? It's heartening that the New York Times is on this story. Usually, if they get excited the rest of the MSM trails in behind. If they keep after this, they can redeem themselves a teensy bit for all the bias they've shown for years.

What else indeed. All the moonbats who screamed and yelled about the conflict of interest in Gorelick's sitting on the commission are looking a whole lot less moonbat-ish these days.

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