Thursday, August 11, 2005

It's just a bloody fax machine!

Office equipment 3, me 0.

I've got home docs I've got to fax back to our agent in California. Our fax sits right outside my office so this ought to be a breeze...

That is of course unless the machine dials the number you've just spent 5 minutes keying in and promptly plays back a message telling you that you don't need to dial a '1' or '0' when calling this number. Which is in fact a useful tip, especially seeing as how you didn't dial a '1' or a '0'...

Well, off to the media department! This should be easier. And it would be, if not for the fact that you can't keep the machine from trying to scan all your pages at the same time.

Not once. Twice.

Okay...well, try upstairs. Accounting has a fax and surely it works right. Would the CFO have it any other way? Certainly not.

Only problem is, the thing looks like the control panel of a 747--buttons and numbers and all kinds of stuff I've never seen before on the console of a fax machine. How wonderful...

Even better that there is no one around to ask about it. But there is an "instruction" sheet for how to dial: 9 + [pause] + 1 + Area code + number. Easy enough...

Excepting that there is no [pause] button...


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