Monday, August 22, 2005

Separation Blogging

Separation anxiety can be problematic for those who suffer from it. And while I do not suffer from such, I must say that I'm not enjoying this back-and-forth, I'm here-she's there thing we got going on with my wife in California.

This was just too short. By the time we were done with everything that needed doing on Saturday, we were both too wiped out to spend the evening the way we had planned. Talk about ridiculous...dinner out and a movie became pizza-to-go with the dogs at our feet. Perfectly enjoyable in the proper context yet somehow unsatisfying when the goal is spending time with your wife because she leaves for out-of-state the following evening.

The silver-lining in all this is that we will spend next weekend together, celebrating our anniversary. The following weekend we will be here loading up the house and she will be on her way back to the Village where I'll join her the following Saturday after one more week of work.

In the meantime...the dogs are nice and all, but I'd really rather be living with my wife.

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