Monday, August 15, 2005

What We Are Dealing With, Part 6

Cut to New Zealand, where anti-Americanism (or at least, anti-Bushism) isn't just found whispered in hushed tones around the office water cooler or interjected as witty banter at cocktail parties, it's part of mainstream pop culture. The billboard seen above is part of an advertising campaign being run by New Zealand's Hell Pizza. In fairness, however, the '666' and bloodied eyes were added by a witty vandal. But it's a nice twist, don't you think?

Another version of the billboard, with more controversial copy can be found here. The Kiwi pizza chain is apparently noted for making its political views well-known and the billboards aren't much different from those seen in my fair city, like this gem. Or some of these diversity celebrating winners from last year's RNC Convention in NYC. But nonetheless, it's interesting to see just how controversial Bush is in a relatively low-key place like New Zealand.

But an idle question, though: Would you even recognize the Prime Minister of New Zealand if you saw her visage on a billboard? Would snarky copy related to her or her policies resonate on any level? Nothing against her or New Zealand (which, in fact, committed troops to Iraq and has since withdrawn them), but it's interesting to note how much international focus is placed on practically everything that happens in the U.S. American power has effects on people all over the world, even in a place like Wellington. It's important that we keep this in mind when considering our actions.

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