Friday, August 12, 2005

Weird dynamic at work here

Two Scottsdale women have made a point to join Cindy Sheehan in Crawford, Texas to demand the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq. Activists it seems will always attract other activists. To wit, the gaggle of anti-war folk hunkering down in Crawford to "support" the grieving mother of a 24 year old marine.

Something odd struck me though as I read about Sherry Bohlen and Rebecca Bahr. Note what Bohlen and Bahr's children do:

Bahr was not available for comment Thursday. She has a daughter stateside who is a member of the Marine Corps. Bohlen's son, Thor, 36, joined the Army two years ago after the Sept. 11 attacks. "He wanted to serve his country," Bohlen said Thursday.

She said she believes military men and women serve their country honorably." But there is nothing honorable about a war based on lies." she said.

So you've got Cindy Sheehan, the focal point for a renewed outburst of anti-Bush, anti-Iraq demonstrations and all the attendant rhetoric, whose son Casey re-enlisted in 2003 and was very much in favor of the mission in Iraq. Now, add two more mothers who--by the way, are entitled to take their anti-war stance--have children in the military.

Not just that, but two of the three are known to have joined or re-upped specifically out of a sense of duty post-9/11 or as a response to the situation in Iraq. Yet their parents stand in stark and outspoken disagreement with these soldiers own choices.

How? Why? How is it that the sense of service or the commitment to the President's ideals as embodied by the action against Iraq can take hold in these young men and women, but does not resonate with their parents?

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