Thursday, August 18, 2005

Reasoned Arguments

Nothing better. Which is why I loved this:

That's the problem with you hooray for the President spoke holes, your talking about playing and we Liberals, yes ya Bush whore, LIBERAL, are talking about young people sent off to die, ostensibly for the freedom of the Iraqi people. Read my lips chicken hawk, or should I be corrected, did you ever serve you country Jonah? not one twenty something American soldiers life is worth the freedom of the Iraqi people. Write some truth talking points slag, we've already lost the war in Iraq, not because of the failing of our fine military, of which I am a alum, and you, the only thing you'd fight for is for the rights of the rich to get richer, It's the colossal failing of leadership coming from this Administration, and you know it! I can't wait to see how the whores of Bush, of which, you certainly have to be a star receiver, blame the Iraq war on Clinton and those bleeding heart liberal. Oh, by the way coward, I am for winning this debacle, and I'd do it by calling for a military draft, and maybe just maybe, when you son or daughter or niece or nephew, maybe when they send you a letter talking about how scared they are, possibly a cold hearted ass like yourself might fear the phone ringing, or a knock on you door. EVERY AMERICAN WITH A SON OR DAUGHTER IN IRAQ HAS THE MORAL AUTHORITY TO DEMAND ANSWERS!

Jonah just has a knack for attracting the best and the brightest in the anti-war, anti-neocon-cabal, Die-Bush-Die! crowd. How does he do it!?

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