Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Baseball Playoffs start today

The MLB Division Series' begin today with the first game between NL Central champion St. Louis and the winner of the NL Worst, San Diego Padres. Were I forced to wager, I'd say that Sim is currently sitting in front of his TV, tuned to ESPN taking in all the sights and sounds.

As of this writing though he can't be too encouraged; St. Louis is up 4-0 early. But then that is why they play 9 innings.

I had no comment about how the season finished, until now. It's been well documented here about exactly where each of our loyalties lie; both of us are fans of the NL West, have been for years. Intellectual honesty compels me to congratulate the Padres on their division title.

Getting into the playoffs is an accomplishment, regardless of it's relative ease or difficulty (They won the division while just 2-games over .500...exactly how hard was that?!). So again, congrats on the 2005 NL West championship.

Somebody had to win it...

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