Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Bummin' around the House

Since I arrived in town last month my days have consisted of only a few things (job searching, playing with the dogs, interviewing, playing with the dogs). Really all I do is shuffle them around a bit and pretend that creates some sort of "variety."

My biggest concern in making the move was work. My wife can work anywhere. Her skill set and interests are such that she can land pretty much anywhere and be at work in a reasonable amount of time. My job history is a different animal all-together.

I've had long spells between jobs, and many a career change in the years since I left school. Finding work is not always an easy thing with me, so as we prepared for this move there was some definite apprehension on my part about what I might find here.

Long story short, seems my fears were unfounded. My first interview in the area turns out to have been the job I've landed. Walked in applying for one-thing, walked out having interviewed for something different and significantly better! It took a few weeks for them to get their ducks all in a row, but I was offered the job on Friday of last week and officially accepted the position on Monday.

For most of the last few weeks, my days have consisted of interviewing, simple home-improvement projects and bummin' around the house with the dogs. No doubt in a couple of weeks I'll be remembering fondly the days of sitting on the couch and lounging with the puppies, but for now I look forward to assuming this new challenge!

In the meantime, I still have this week to finish a few more things around the house, drink my coffee and play with the pups and I plan on taking full advantage!

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