Saturday, October 29, 2005

Building (or Re-Building) the MyDogs Community

Google and Google-offshoots are continually coming out with cool new applications. Blogger, Google Blog Search, Google Earth and Google Scholar are some of my favorites. Here's a new one that we can use to map our reader base.

Of course, this might have been more exciting / interesting when we were getting 3K hits a month, but in light of all of the disruptions around here over the last month, maybe a link to Frappr! will drive traffic and rekindle that long-forgotten MyDogs feeling? Anyway, click here and locate yourself on the global map. You can remain anonymous, include a picture, write a brief message, etc. In short, you can raise your hand and say..."Hey, I wear it loud and I say it proud! I'm a MyDogs fan!"

Maybe this will be sad. Perhaps it will be inspiring.

Please keep us appraised of any love connections or civil unions, and we'll be sure to give you a mention deeply embedded in a post about the Padres, Oklahoma, why we hate fantasy baseball or Paul's canine friends.

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