Friday, October 07, 2005

A woman's perspective

Charmaine at Reasoned Audacity makes an interesting and decidedly female point about the Miers nomination. I've been remiss in my reading of Charmaine's stuff over the last few months with all going on in my own life and have forgotten what a durn good blogger she is! Anyway, from The Crony Argument:

Conservatives are most specifically angry that the President didn't pick someone more demonstrably a jurist who subscribes to originalism. The real argument about her nomination centers on her credentials.

No one -- and I mean no one -- is talking about her being a woman.

And the feminist women's groups have all come out opposing her.

Of course one of the reasons the President selected her is that she has the right chromosomal makeup. But notice how quickly that became a moot point.

No one really cares. Instead they are focused on the President elevating to the High Court a good 'ole boy. Except that she happens to be a woman.

That's good news for gender politics.

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