Monday, August 01, 2005

Of spew and Mondays

Today was supposed to be surgery day for my wife. That however all changed on Friday after the pre-op visit revealed an absolutely clear ultra-sound with no sign of the offending cyst that needed removing.

With my mother-in-law arriving on Saturday morning, what was going to be a week of care-taking has morphed into a week involving a mix of relaxation, sight-seeing and housework (my wife is the master packer's daughter; anything involving boxes and packing are best left to her).

I on the other hand, will concentrate on making sure the exterior of the house gets painted (if I haven't killed myself by the time it's done, that'll make an entertaining post).

Because we had surgery scheduled for today, I am not working and since the surgery is cancelled, we'll be spending the day in some combination of the afore-mentioned. To that end, whatever spew you see around here will be Sim's. I will resume regular spewage first thing tomorrow.

I won't be spewing beyond this today. Which is too bad; while in the course of just this I noticed that the Saudi Arabian monarch has died, President Bush has named John Bolton as Ambassador to the UN in a recess appointment, and word around town from suicidal Suns fans is that Joe Johnson is being traded.

And to think, I'm gonna be off having fun today...

UPDATE: After suffering the humiliation of naming an acclaimed pop singer to the UN Ambassadorship, I hereby solemnly swear to never post again. Until tomorrow anyway...

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