Saturday, October 28, 2006

Hey Michael!

Michael Grunwald's Festival of Republican Ugliness prompted a frustrated response from me yesterday. One day and another story later, it's frustrated bordering on angry. With a hat-tip to TM:

A blogger at Stop October Surprises has successfully tracked the fellow who set up the phony "Stop Sex Predators" website that first published some of the Foley emails.

The fellow behind Stop Sex Predators was a Democrat.

The AP coverage simply expounds on the report I linked to on Thursday about the Human Rights Campaign staffer who first published the Foley emails in September. So the question for Michael Grunwald and even Chris Matthews is an obvious one:

Why the selective outrage?

It's obvious to anyone willing to see it, that Democrats are engaged in unappealing, messy election-season hatchet jobs of their own and the media aren't even trying to mask the cheerleading.

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