Wednesday, October 25, 2006

More Reasons to Vote

Lots at stake in two weeks, a fact that many seem to have begun to notice recently. NRO was chock full of reasons yesterday to vote:

We start with this:

Not that I oppose some well targeted punishment for a few egregiously liberal Republicans. Lincoln Chaffee? Forget about it. Whatever the risks to our Senate majority, making that guy pay for being so far over the line is entirely justified — and wise. Collectively targeting a few folks like Chaffee sends a salutary message, without seriously endangering the position of the party as a whole. But telling Republicans nationally to stay home?

Wake up, Ned Lamont Republicans. For decades now, suicidal liberals have handed conservatives this country on a platter. Are we about to return the favor?

Then there was this:

If Only more voters saw the world the way this one does:

Is it really conceivable that conservatives are going to stay home on election day and watch the Dems win? Are they really that crazy and that destructive? I don't want to believe it, but if that happens I think I'll move to Jerusalem, where the politics are ludicrous and too complicated to follow, or to Venice, where only the rising of that corrupting canal will be doing the destruction.

And then there was this:

From a reader:


Over on Freerepublic, I've been one of the people who consistently has been chanting for abandoning the Republicans. The fact of the matter is a republican in congress has a lot more in common with a democrat in congress than either of them has with me and the other folks who only get to spend their own money. The contempt they hold for your average American slips out from time to time and it's always disheartening. So come election time, it seems the only tool I have to get them to listen to me is to threaten to withhold my vote and potentially move the scope of all political discourse further to the right. But when the moment arrives, I'm going to hold my nose and vote for the republican lying weasel instead of handing a victory to the democratic lying weasel.

I mean I'm angry... but I'm not an idiot.

And finally, on the lighter side, this:

An e-mail:

I don't think any of you have mentioned the number one reason aconservative should get out and vote Republican on election day - the incredible, joyous feeling of Schadenfreude you are going to have watching the Democrats try to explain why they couldn't take the house and theSenate under conditions that could hardly be worse for the Republicans. I break out in giggles at just the thought of watching Nancy Pelosi try tospin the fact that she is still not Speaker of the House.

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