Wednesday, October 25, 2006


At the risk of stealing Sim's schtick, I point out to you this post about the current rage for meme-makers everywhere: George W. Bush has gotten rid of habeas corpus.

After all, the Edward R. Murrow of our day says must be true. Talk about bright and shiny:

Ordinarily, I ignore whatever Olbermann and Hentoff have to say, on the basis that even if they’re correct only 1% of the time (to be generous), it’s not worth reading the other 99% partisan crap in order to find the occasional tiny jewel of truth.

However, I am always alert at the thought of Gummint (in whatever form or persuasion) setting out to abridge our freedoms, and habeas corpus is a Great Big Huge Freedom which predates the Constitution by at least a century. So it’s worth a look.

As Sim is wont to say, "Read the Act." Our salty blogger did and here's where we land:

To sum up, therefore:

1. This instance does not fall into the 1% of occasional truth uttered by Lefty commentators like Olbermann and Hentoff.

2. Not even the Lefty commentators can call Congress’s passage of this law a “strictly partisan vote”.

3. The United States can now pursue the War Against Terrorists as an actual war, and not as law enforcement.

No wonder GWB called it an “important tool”, and no wonder Congress passed it quickly, and by a large majority.

Read the Act, indeed.

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