Monday, October 30, 2006

You Don't Say!

K-Lo at the Corner is a huge Rick Santorum fan. About the only other conservative politician that gets the blood pumping at anything like the same intensity is Mitt Romney. She made several comments yesterday after the Sunday talkers were done in response to a comment from Maryland Senate candidate Ben Cardin's appearance on Meet the Press.

Cardin offered a criticism of Santorum as a throw-away line during his appearance with opponent Michael Steele:

Ben Cardin just used Rick Santorum as a boogeyman in his Meet the Press debate with Michael Steele, to try to defend his vote AGAINST stem-cell research (I wrote about what I think about congressmen like Cardin who voted against alternatives to embryo-destroying research here ).

Few in Congress have done more FOR stem-cell research than Rick Santorum. His working with Arlen Specter to support alternatives to embryo-destroying research was a milestone moment — for educating, for seeing the true colors of those who insist on embryonic-stem-cell research and only embyronic-stem-cell research.

Cardin throwing out Santorum's name like that is only the tiniest hint of the kind of demagogic glee we'll see from the Left if Santorum loses. It will be an ugly post-Election Day if Santorm loses — on so many levels.

Then a bit later, came this: Truth is a lot more needed to be said. The bill in question was co-sponsored by ARLEN SPECTER. Specter, as Santorum is reminded every day of his life, is usually on the polar opposite side of life issues from Santorum. And yet, not only did Santorum get Specter to co-sponsor this alernative bill but every member of the Senate — including both of Maryland's senators — wound up voting for it.

So, yes, Congressman Cardin, someone needed to say more.

And in actuality, someone did; and not a someone normally thought of as a partisan Republican:

"I'm not a shill for the Democratic Party," Fox told ABC News' George Stephanopoulos. "I approached them. I sat down to find out what candidates are pro-stem cell in races where they're opposed by anti-stem cell candidates. And I had no predisposition toward Democrats or Republicans. It'd be fine with me either way.

"In fact," he added, "a Republican candidate who's pro-stem cell would be someone I'd really like to talk to. And in fact in the past I've supported, I've done commercials for [Sen.] Arlen Specter, [R-Pa.] who is a very aggressive pro-stem cell champion."

K-Lo had a point it seems. Had Mr. Cardin been watching TV rather than making an ineffective appearance on it, he might have noticed that.

Democrats passionately dislike Senator Santorum. It's a free country, they can unseat him should they find the votes. It's a shame though they couldn't find somebody who could better fill out the suit.

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