Tuesday, April 19, 2005

God 1, Life 0

I mentioned last week that my wife was let go from her position at the hotel she worked at. Without going into details, it was a situation that from my perspective--hardly unbiased but I hope somewhat objective--had spun out of control.

Things were said about her, pushed at human resources from one source which they pursued without corroborating the claims with other staff, things were said to her by management about her work that when checked with the people who actually worked directly with her turned out to be false, etc.

Needless to say, she was miserable and had planned to leave anyway. God apparently had other ideas though. Day after being let go, she received a call from a department head at church who wondered if she was still interested in part-time work. That very same day, another staff member suggested my wife to this same department head for the same position.

An interview on Wednesday followed by a phone call on Thursday and the job was hers; she started yesterday.

Yet another example of our plans diverging from what God sees and desires for us; and how He will use even the most uncomfortable and painful situations to bring about His chosen end.

God is good, all the time!

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