Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Obligatory Sports Post

Random thoughts on today's Baseball games:

-Another fine performance from Mariano Rivera at Yankee stadium. 3 H's, 3 W's, 5 R's (to be fair, only 1 ER) in 2/3 of an inning. Impressive work; single-handedly destroying my ERA and WHIP in one league.

-Manny Ramirez woke up his bat. Sort of. Goes 1-for-5 on the day. How is that good you might ask? When you're 0-for-8 to this point, anything is better...

-Finally, this: was trading emails with a guy in one of my leagues. He and I did a lot of that last season and will likely do it again this. He was lamenting the performance of his hoped-for steals leader, Scott Podsednik. At the time of the email exchange, Pods was 0-6 which prompted these replies on my part:

-Kind of hard to steal bases from the bench, eh?

-Hypothetical conversation at 1B:

Ben Broussard: "Um, Scott, you're out."

Pods: "No, I'm not."

Broussard: "No, you are. You struck out."

Pods: "No I didn't."

Broussard: "Yes you did. I saw you. You whiffed. Missed that change-up by a mile!"

Pods: "No I didn't. You need to get your eyes checked."

Broussard: "Get my eyes checked? I'm not the one who was a week early on a 67 mph change up. Get your own eyes checked, and while you're at it haul yourself back to the dugout, yer OUT!"

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