Tuesday, April 19, 2005

My Dogs are Smarter (Or how James Lileks is usually smarter than this)

Normally James Lileks is a pretty smart cookie. But it appears that his dog has gotten one over on him.

Went to the grocery store for some Frosty Paws for Jasper – last night I ran out, and he was furious. DO NOT GIVE YOUR DOG FROSTY PAWS. It’s doggie crack, and once they know they exist they will pester you daily for another. I’m stuck; he knows he gets one every day after his walk, and I will not begrudge him that. But I made a special trip to the store to buy the things tonight. I’m doggy whipped.

This is the first I've heard of Frosty Paws. And if James is to be believed, my dogs will never learn of their existence. Ever.

1 comment:

Travis said...

James is wrong. It's not the dog's fault, it's his.

Every day after his walk? Is he kidding? Frosty Paws is supposed to be a *treat*, not dinner, and at roughly $0.75-$1/serving, why would you want to give it to the dog every day anyway?

We get these every once in a while for our dog, who loves them, like every other dog on the planet it seems. But since she only has one every couple of months or so, she can enjoy them without knowing to pester us for them.

Of course, my dog is so dumb that I can take a small toy we're playing with and hide it in my own hand, WHILE SHE'S WATCHING ME DO IT, and she won't be able to find the toy. So maybe James' dogs are just smarter than mine.

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