Friday, April 22, 2005

Reality Intrudes on FantasyLand, Deux.

The chants of "1955! 1955!" can finally stop.

Ryan Klesko and the San Diego Padres kept the Los Angeles Dodgers from keeping pace with their Brooklyn predecessors. Klesko broke out of a slump with three hits and two RBIs, and the Padres ended Los Angeles' eight-game winning streak with a 6-1 victory Thursday night. The Dodgers had matched the 1940 and '55 teams for the best start in franchise history with a 12-2 mark through 14 games. The '55 World Series championship club is the only Dodgers team to start 13-2. The Brooklyn Dodgers began that year 22-2.

The Pads are finally off the schnide vs. the Dogs. Of course I missed all of this because I was in a parallel universe sitting in a bar having a bizarre conversation with an ex.

No justice, no peace.


Paul Hogue said...

Had to happen sometime. Pretty good bet they weren't going to win the season series 19-0. Though one can always hope!

Simian Logician said...

Eaton really owns the Trolleywreck.

Paul Hogue said...

And really, is there anything more "real" than getting swept in the Desert by the single biggest question-mark in the NL West?

Inquiring minds want to know...

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